If you would like to be a “pilot” (pedaler) or help out on your own bike as a “safety,” please read through the following.

Almost anyone, no matter size or strength, can operate the trikes. With seven gears plus electric-assist they’re easy to pedal. As for scheduling, we ride weekday mornings and afternoons, plus Saturday mornings. Volunteer shifts – your choice of many through the week – run 3 1/2 hours and include giving anywhere from two to 12 rides per shift.

One-day pilot trainings take place (as of late June) on your choice of July Sundays (7/9, 16, 23, or 30; weather dependent), and are all about pilot skill-building and safety / peace of mind for our wheelers and their families. To become certified, candidates must:

  1. Be, at least, 21 years of age.
  2. Log approximately 4-6 hours of training time on the trike.
  3. Satisfactorily perform all pilot-related skills.
  4. Know our Rules of the Road, Wheeler Checklist, and Pilot Training Checklist.
  5. Make a scheduling commitment of, preferably, one shift per week.
  6. Sign our Liability Waiver and Photography, Video & Story Release; and –
  7. Pass a background check (no cost to you).

Any way you slice it, being a Portland Wheelers pilot is a significant commitment. But then so are the rewards. Our wheelers — some very precious people — will trust you, look forward to seeing you, and you will absolutely make their day!

So, you want to help out as a pilot? Informative, challenging and fun, pilot trainings occur in the spring and early summer, and run a full day from 8:00-4:00 on either a Saturday or a Sunday – your choice. Pilot trainings begin and end at Seaside Rehabilitation, 850 Baxter Blvd., in Portland (on Back Cove, opposite side from Hannaford Supermarket).

Not sure being a pilot is your thing? Maybe helping as a safety would be a better fit.

Safeties ride on their own bicycle along with the trike, pilot, and wheeler (sometimes with two or three trikes in a “pod”) – riding ahead, behind, moving back and forth continually. The job is about maintaining a global perspective on the ride environment, keeping everyone protected from cars, pedestrians, obstructions, etc. Not all rides need a safety, but, when they do, having one along is very much appreciated. Safety trainings take place on-the-job during actual ride times – a 3 1/2 hour shift.

All trainings are weather dependent.

For this year’s 2017 ride season, our goal is to have 40-50 pilots and about a third that many safeties. We started trainings in mid April. We’ll keep them going till we fill the ranks.

(UPDATE: We’re all set for pilots. No more trainings till spring 2018. We could still use, however, a few more safeties, which could turn into pilot positions in the spring. If you’d like to help out now, while getting to know us and the organization better, come learn on-the-job. Come be a safety.)

Besides pilots and safeties we need all sorts of other kinds of “off-bike” help. Here’s an annotated list of current volunteer teams.

To learn more about any of the above, contact us. Be sure to leave your phone number, so we can call you back. We’ll want to talk.

Thanks for considering our service. Hope to hear from you soon!