Who can ride?

Our FREE rides are available to people of all ages who, for whatever reason, cannot ride a bike on their own, but would love to go for a ride. These might be people living in residential facilities, living at home, or taking advantage of day-use care programs.

Ideal candidates have enough upper body strength to be able to sit up for the duration of the ride. Wheelers unable to transfer themselves independently may use the assistance of caregivers or family members.

People who can also participate include: those requiring mechanical assistance to transfer (e.g., with a Hoyer lift); those with urinary drainage devices, portable oxygen, and/or tube feedings; and those with dementia. (NOTE: Participants with special needs may, first, have to get clearance to ride by a doctor or caregiver.)

People who may not be able to participate include: those with postural or other conditions, such as a decubitus ulcer (pressure sore), that may prohibit them from sitting upright for a long period of time; those with an acute and contagious illness (e.g., a bad cough or symptoms of a cold or sore throat); or those with extreme, unpredictable behavior.

Any questions, please contact us.

When are rides available?

Rides run from May through October. Core ride times with our facility partners are Monday through Friday, 9:00 to noon and 1:00 to 4:00. We also ride on Saturdays out of CycleMania from 9:00 to noon.

We do not ride in inclement weather.  Extreme heat can also lead to cancellations.  All weather-related cancellations will be communicated to the facility, wheeler, or caregiver. If you haven’t heard from us, we’re good to go.

Cancelled rides must be rescheduled by the facility, wheeler or caregiver. We do not reschedule these for you.

Where do we ride from and to?

Mostly, we ride out from care facilities we work with – for example, The Cedars, Portland Center for Assisted Living, the Morrison Center in Scarborough for children, and many more. Depending on where the rides originate, we roll on trails around Greater Portland and through its many quiet neighborhoods.

However, if you live at home and can get transportation, you can meet us on most Saturday mornings at CycleMania. Here are the details:

WHO:  Rides for people of all ages living with significant disability, debility, or dementia, “who cannot ride a bike by themselves, but would love to go for a ride.” Our youngest to date: 6-years-old. Our oldest: 103.

WHAT:  Free and safe rides (we do the pedaling) on a uniquely designed, e-assist tricycle. We also have free bicycles to borrow for family and friends to join us parade style. It’s a lot of fun! No need to tell us you want one in advance. Just show up!

WHERE:  Meet at Cyclemania (65 Cove St., East Bayside, Portland). From Cyclemania we use the Bayside and Eastern Prom Trails plus the local neighborhood.

WHEN:  Saturdays from 9:00 to 12:00-noon through the ride season. Rides roll starting at 9:00, 10:00 or 11:00. (NOTE: Plan to arrive at least 20-minutes before the start of your prescheduled ride. Liability waivers must be completed and, if you want one, your free bike rental secured.)

HOW:  Rides are reserved in advance. First, check the general information here on the website. Then, to schedule a time, please contact us. We’ll call back soon.


Depending on who our wheelers are (e.g., their age, their disability), rides can last from approximately 10- to 45-minutes. During longer rides, halfway out we might take a short break, enjoy the scenery, talk among ourselves, and connect with others on the trail.

Can family members join in?

Absolutely!  Family and friends are encouraged to follow along with us, parade-style. Loved ones will, well … love it! Want to join in?  Bring your own bike and helmet (or, on Saturdays, we can have them for you at CycleMania), show up at least 20-minutes before the ride, and we’ll be ready to go. We’d love to have you!


Before scheduling a ride, qualified participants will need to review and sign our waiver. Minors and those with caregivers or legal guardians will also need to have all necessary signatures completed. Please print our waiver then have it signed and ready upon arrival. Without a waiver in hand, we cannot give a ride. No exceptions.

Depending on the disability, we may also need written approval from a caregiver, family member, or guardian. If there’s any question about the suitability of this activity, please contact us well in advance. If, on site, we deem a rider is not suitable for our service, we retain the right to refuse permission to ride.

Are you a repeat rider? Have we given you a ride before? We keep signed waivers on file. No need to sign one again.

Need more information? Please contact us.

Final Notes

Rides leave on time. If you are transporting a wheeler from away to one of our ride hubs, please plan to arrive and be settled a full 20-minutes before the scheduled start. We will need time to review and complete any paperwork and for transfer into the trike. Many people are counting on your punctuality (volunteer pilots, professional staff, etc.). Thanks!